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Walking through creating a Personalized 3D Avatar

Answering the basic question of how to create a Personalized 3D Avatar, here is a series of videos walking through the process. After joining the 3D Avatar Store, these videos are available in your Avatar Lab for quick reference. (These videos are also on the blog post announcing our new WebAPI. So, if you've seen that page, they are the same.)

3D Avatar Personalized eBook Concept

Here is a concept video we made a while back. The idea is using one of our 3D Avatars with our Maya Animation Rig Export and it's FaceShift markerless motion capture compatibility to create an eBook for one's children. Perhaps a parent is out of town on their kid's birthday, or working away from the family on a special day. It is not difficult to create enduring memories through the magic of 3D animation and a sprinkle of human compassion: 

Announcing our new WebAPI 2.0 and a new 3D Avatar Store!

We are happy to announce the availability of our new WebAPI 2.0 as well as a completely rebuilt 3D Avatar Store! Rebuilt with our WebAPI 2.0 at the foundation, the 3D Avatar Store is now a live demonstration of the capability and features available from our WebAPI. Included with this new release is a series of new interfaces, including a custom morph target editor, a lighting editor, a wardrobe editor, an all new accessories store with a rapidly growing inventory, and exports in both commercial and noncommercial licenses.

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