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Support our Kickstarter to create a Consumer's Animation Editor

We have an active Kickstarter campaign during the month of October, 2014.

We are trying to raise financing for more consumer level interfaces here at the 3D Avatar Store. Our professional level technologies, secure WebAPI access, remote 3D Avatar creation, editing, accessorizing, automated lip sync generation, and quite a bit more support for professionals is in active use.

What is Personalized Media?

The 3D Avatar Store's technology is a key component of creating Personalized Media: which is a new form of media that has never been possible before, as it is media with the end-user's identity incorporated into the media's message.

Introducing Nietzsche

We've been working on an interesting project for the last few months, a collaboration of companies for the promotion of a new science fiction novel authored by one of the owners of the companies involved.

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